Between us we have developed/sold, are developing or have been party to the development of a number of different kinds of scheme.

 Group Field-Based Solar PV Schemes

Our field-based solar PV schemes (mainly Renewable Obligation schemes, with some Feed-in Tariff schemes) have been developed through different companies in the Group. The schemes below list those we have dealt with in the last two years (sizes are approximate).

Titan PV 5-11MW in Cornwall
Barum Solar 10MW scheme in Devon
Maine Solar 8MW scheme in Devon
The Middleton Scheme 18MW scheme in Devon
The Viking Scheme 50-80MW in Lincolnshire
Airfield Scheme 5MW Norfolk
Carlton Scheme 1MW Norfolk

We have a pipeline of further solar projects in the early stages of development of circa 30MW.

 Other Solar Schemes

Group members have been involved in the sourcing, developing and funding of over 5MW of private residential free solar PV roofs under the Feed-in Tariff scheme and establishing the operation and maintenance infrastructure to manage them and other solar PV portfolios on behalf of investors. 

We have advised on and developed to an early stage community solar PV rooftop sites under the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

 District Heating/Biomass/CHP/Waste-from-Energy

The Group has been working with Bath Abbey on the development of a district heating scheme using the hot springs, providing technical, commercial and regulatory advice.

In other parts of the country, a number of Group members have been/are working on large-scale biomass CHP schemes, both as investors and as advisors, either with on-site demand via a private wire network or with ‘over-the-fence’ supplies – or have provided such input in the development of waste-to-energy generation plant projects. In their capacity as advisors they have provided regulatory, commercial and ‘business-case’ advice.


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