The Carbon Catalysts Group

The Carbon Catalysts Group is a renewables project development and consulting organisation formed from a network of partners and associates.  Each member of the organisation brings to the table a significant level of energy industry expertise, providing a substantial knowledge bank and a very wide range of project skills and resources.

 Solar PV Schemes

The Group has developed a particular specialty in the large solar PV sector.  In the last 12 months, we have taken about 25MW of ground mounted schemes to funding completion with a number of funding partners.  We currently have in excess of 95MW of project pipeline in progress.

Through our in-house industry experts we have excellent relationships with

  • Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) to secure a cost effective connection
  • a wide range of power off-takers to secure the best possible investor deal. Structuring and negotiating Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) is a core expertise.
  • Regional Planning Authorities

We have gained the confidence of our funding panel through reliable forecasting, financial planning and project management. Our in-house lawyer ensures that nothing in a project is left to chance. 

In all types of project we have the capacity to deal with the ‘front-end’ issues, such as feasibility, planning, design and capacity assessment and the ‘end-point issues’ of accreditation and offtake. 

 Other Schemes and Technologies

The Group also has also recent technical and commercial experience in a range of other schemes – biomass, anaerobic digestion, CHP, district heating.

We have in-house experience of feasibility studies in, scoping and developing, funding, selling and managing the operational assets of on-shore wind power schemes – as well an interest in new opportunities and in sales of existing assets.

 There are a number of other schemes we are currently considering – all of them are different forms of renewable generation or involve their support or involve supply-side arrangements.


We provide consultancy on a very wide range of subjects and business models, calling on the substantial in-house skills we possess and are happy to provide services to others or to partner with them.

 CCG Response to Green Paper on Energy

The Carbon Catalysts Group response to the Green Paper on Energy can be found here.


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