Our Associates and Partners have in-depth and practical experience across the entire energy sector. We are expert in regulation and commercial arrangements and we assist in development of generation projects in most technologies, particularly in wind, solar, CHP and biomass – but also in most others.

Carbon Catalysts Consulting is able to call on this experience to provide the following services:

 Commercial & Financial
  • Power project development and advice on or assistance in raising funds
  • Business models for projects or developments
  • Commercial, regulatory, structuring and contract negotiation services for

o    embedded generators

o    independent suppliers

o  heat supplies and district heating

  • Fuel supply arrangements – making/taking supplies, tolling arrangements
  • Advising on arrangements involving the full range of government-supported or subsidy schemes, such as green certificate arrangements, the Green Deal, ECO arrangements, FITs, ROCs, CRC       
  • Due diligence for investor and developers
  • Greenhouse gas modelling and fuel sustainability assessment
  • District heating strategies
 Project development and management
  • Structuring power generation projects
  • Planning applications and appeals
  • Dealing with connection and networks issues, including private wires networks
  • Energy demand modelling and bioenergy system sizing
  • Site scoping; constraint mapping; resource assessment
 Technical project development and problem resolution
  • Biomass resource assessment, heating feasibility and concept design
  • CHP power feasibility and concept design
  • Anaerobic digestion and bio-methane injection solutions
  • Wind turbine selection and output prediction; noise assessment; shadow flicker analysis; wind farm modelling and design
  • Multiple feedstock options assessment
  • Fuel storage and transportation assessment
 Consultancy for Law Firms
  • Legal and commercial advice in connection with all technologies and subsidy schemes
  • Drafting and negotiation of contractual documents
  • Energy policy/energy market advice
  • Regulatory and legal advice across all energy sectors

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