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 Keith Miller
Physicist and Commercial IPP Expert

After Keith qualified with a doctorate in physics, he joined the CEGB’s nuclear research group and spent three years in France on the SCARABEE project, set up by the French Atomic Energy Agency in collaboration with the UK, Germany and Japan, followed by a time back in the UK working on nuclear safety studies for the CEGB. In 1989 he led an industry privatisation team and was a founder member of Group 2, set up to hammer out the commercial structure and processes of the privatised industry. He joined National Power in 1990 to manage the team responsible for the development of the market and then in 1996 joined Enron Europe to manage its shareholder interests in Teesside Power. He became a director of Teesside Power, and after the Enron collapse in 2001, continued to manage the Enron equity position in Teesside Power for investors. He remained director of Teesside Power until its sale to GdF/Electrabel in 2008.  He was, in addition, a director of the Association of Electricity Producers until its restructuring in 2009 and chairman from 2000 to 2002.
Keith Miller
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