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 David Andrews
For over 30 years Dave has been involved in the energy industry in a range of positions and postings – specialising in:
  • anaerobic digestion of wastes and energy crops
  • cogeneration / combined heat and power and district heating
  • gas turbine and natural gas engine technology
  • coal fired and CCGT power generation
  • waste to energy
  • biomass to energy via combustion gasification or pyrolysis
His most-recent posting was a two-year assignment as Senior Expert on CHP and renewable energy for the European Commission, advising them on the means and methods of implementing the Co-generation Directive, future developments and district heating in Europe.

He is an acknowledged academic and very much also a technical hands-on expert in these technologies, having worked in the Energy Research Group of the Open University, for Fiat Energy, for ENERG, Green Angel, Biwater International, Wessex Water, Lister Petter Engine Company, Cummins, Power Plant Services – and many, many more.

He has written extensively on CHP and Stirling engines and has worked on them with a number of companies, including McDonell Douglas; he has been an independent consultant on those technologies in Europe and Asia; and has been a senior engineer for a number of companies specialising in these technologies.

He has also established the Claverton Group of Energy Experts, an on-line forum for energy experts: see www.claverton-energy.com.

David Andrews
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