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 Caroline Joseph  
Caroline has worked within the energy industry since 1989 in a range of business development environments.  Ten years in the new sales and marketing operation at Powergen (pre-E.ON) immediately following privatisation gave her a solid grounding in the industry with a major player, whilst instilling in her the entrepreneurial spirit that characterised those early days in the newly-competitive market.

In 2002 she joined the very young BizzEnergy as their Sales and Marketing Director and became a key member of the operational board, developing the B2B customer base through a 10-fold increase in 7 years, as well as the operation to support it.   

For the last few years she has worked on a range of consultancy projects connected with the industry, primarily concerned with new technology such as smart meters, energy efficiency, and even electric vehicles. She assists new entrants with their strategic planning and business development, enabling companies to access distribution networks and helping them integrate their businesses into the complexities of the heavily regulated supply sector.  She has also worked with long established businesses helping them face up to the realities of the changing market place and re-design their offerings and organisational structures and cultures.

The last few of years saw Caroline take on the new opportunities that the FIT scheme offered.  She created and led a company with the backing of an investment fund that sourced and developed over 5MW of private residential free solar PV roofs, and then developed the O&M infrastructure to manage that and other portfolios on behalf of investors.  Now she is working within the Carbon Catalysts partnership on the development of large solar schemes.
Caroline Joseph
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