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 Andris Bankovskis
Andris is a seasoned energy industry professional with experience of leading big corporate teams and has over a decade’s experience in renewables and energy policy:
  • Detailed knowledge of renewables and emissions regulation and policy;
  • Proven ability to influence energy regulation;
  • Extensive experience of international trade negotiations;
  • Key role experience in corporate floatation and restructuring;
  • Track record of developing major new lines of business.
Since 2010, through his own consultancy business, Andris has provided technical, market and commercial consulting advice to investors in relation to near-to-market investment opportunities including marine, energy efficiency, uranium mining and biofuels. He has provided regulatory and market advice on contentious matters between energy companies. He is currently involved in the commercial development of a biomass and bio-fuels supply chain business with emphasis on sustainability.

As Associate Director at SQW Consulting from 2008 to 2010, Andris contributed to significant projects including an Energy Tetralemma to benchmark Ireland’s fuel options to 2030, the valuation of energy portfolios with combinations of fuels and advice on the EU ETS and the Industrial Emissions Directives.

From April 2008, Andris was Head of Renewable Energy Policy at the Association of Electricity Producers, developing the Association’s policy position on reforms to renewables legislation, the proposed EU Energy Directive and the UK’s Renewable Energy Strategy. 

From 2000 until 2008, Andris was Head of Renewable Energy Trading at British Energy.  He set up and ran a renewable energy business which acquired energy from sustainable sources through structured contract pricing to optimise supply and demand and was responsible for BE’s environmental trading, regulatory compliance and preparation for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme.

For some ten years, Andris was involved in nuclear fuel supply to British nuclear stations, becoming head of the Uranium Business and Nuclear Liabilities.  He carried out due diligence on fuel, waste and decommissioning and wrote much of the fuel and waste chapters of the privatisation prospectus for British Energy’s privatisation, negotiating the Waste Management Agreement between British Energy and BNFL. 

Andris has a degree in physics and law, an MBA, a UK Securities and Investment Institute certificate in Market Regulation and Financial Derivatives, is a member of the Association of MBAs, an associate Member of the Institute of Directors, a member of MENSA and also speaks fluent Latvian. He runs his own consultancy, 4D Energy Limited.

Andris Bankovskis
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